The Next Generation

We are passionate about helping the next generation become the best version of themselves they can be. We work closely with UK Universities to support Staff, Students, and new Graduates. The work we have done has been feature in the press.

Educational Speaker for UK and Global Colleges and Universities

Educational Speaker UK

What started with our speaking events has grown into much more. We are passionate about helping the next generation, especially working with Colleges and Universities, to support the graduate community’s, focussing on their growth, hearts, and minds. We support activities to motivate and inspire the students and graduates, but we also help equip them with tools that they can use to build up resilience and prepare them as they move forth into the Corporate World of work.
The ‘Your People Are Your Power’ team is made up of Alumni and graduates. Most of our team is educated to Master’s degree level, and every team member has been awarded a Bachelors degree as a minimum. We have all benefited from a University degree, and therefore it’s essential to each of us to support the University structure and community.
We have personally taken on many University interns, UK and Globally, and regularly work with Graduate Freelancers for design, social media, and other creative activities.

Our Main Supporting Activities -

At Your People Are Your Power we offer a wide range of services we support Universities with.
Q&A Panels

We sit on various Q&A panels to share industry information, personal knowledge and inspiration.

Educational Speaking

Our motivational and educational speaking events encourage students to be the best versions of themselves they can be.

Facilitating and running mock assessment centres

Mirrored on our personal experience of FTSE100 assessment centres. To help prepare graduates for future interviews.

Educational Speaker Testimonial

Our 'Becoming The Champion In Your Life Experience' is popular across many Universities, and is featured in the press. Please read the reviews from our partners at the University of Chester..........
I was introduced to Gina by one of my colleagues at the University of Chester.

As a graduate of Chester herself, Gina is incredibly passionate about helping others and was keen to give back to the University community. To date this has involved Gina sharing her knowledge with the next generation to motivate and inspire them, thereby enabling them to develop and grow. This was particularly important to Gina on a personal level during the difficult and unprecedented times that COVID-19 presents us all with.

University Speaking

Sally Harding

Employer Engagement Manager, University of Chester

Gina is an asset to our alumni community, and one of the most impressive speakers I have had the opportunity to listen to. Gina is inspiring, her tenacity is infectious, and whilst her session was aimed at students, it certainly motivated and inspired several staff members too!

I would highly recommend Gina as a speaker in any context, and we are privileged to have had Gina as the Headline Speaker at CareersFest 2020.

Helena Astbury

Head of Development and Alumni Relations Office, University of Chester