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Champions Speakers is an industry-leading speaker bureau serving international clients in 66 countries worldwide. Their expertise puts them at the forefront of the marketplace where they specialise in providing many of the world’s most influential after-dinner speakers, sector-specific specialists, event hosts and corporate entertainment.

Gina Buckney, Director and Speaker at YPAYP – “We have chosen Champions Speakers to represent us, as we love there ethos, the fact that they are a family run business, and to be with an agency that also represents some of the world greats, and people I personally look up to such as Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Karen Brady, and Richard Branson, is an honour”.

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Keynote Speaking Topics

Gina can work with your organisation to create a tailored presentation, or she has a number of keynote presentations which you can choose from. These are:
Becoming the Champion in your life

Gina's motivational keynote has been delivered in many forums and can be adapted for any audience. Featured in the press for the positive impacts this has had on attendees

Diversity and Inclusion Matters

The hot topic of the moment. Gina shares the importance of mixed teams in terms of gender, race, and social diversity. She draws on personal experiences to bring this topic to life.

Leadership Work/Life balance

Specifically designed for busy leaders and managers who struggle to balance a demanding workload, impacting their overall happiness. Gina’s Four Pillar Mindset approach helps work through the problem through to solution.

Become your own superwoman

Gina shares insights, stories of inspiration, and valuable techniques that enabled her to secure, deliver, and lead some of the biggest contracts (worth £435m) and departments of 450 staff in engineering, Finance, and IT, for organisations such as BT & Openreach, Lloyds Banking Group, and Barclays.

How to stay motivated during remote working

This topic covers tips and advice on how to stay motivated, focussed, and happy during remote working. Covering aspects such as segregation, working spaces, routine, celebrating success, and open and honest communication.

How to avoid burnout when working remotely

This topic deep dives into habits we can easily slip into when working from home, contributing to burnout. What is burnout, how do we know we are reaching it, and what can we do to prevent it. There are practical exercises taught in this session.

Controlling our Actions and Reactions

A technique taught by her mentor Frank Dick, OBE. Gina shares advice on how we can control our actions and reactions to circumstances that are outside of our control. This session helps people create a more resilient, peaceful, and positive mindset to the ever-changing environment and pressures of today’s society.

The skill of being agile to change

The skill of agility determine show easy we can adapt. Gina has been trained in agile ways of working from Lloyds Banking Group and has used it to deliver many projects. This talk touches on improving our personal agility to change can bring immense benefits to the individual and the workplace.

The importance of Emotional Intelligence for Leaders in Today’s Society

It takes a certain level of IQ to get leaders into the boardroom, but when IQ is level or at a point that is enough to understand the job, it’s EQ that sets leaders apart. Have you got the right mix around your boardroom table?

Mindfulness Matters in the Workplace – Foundation

The pressure of the working world can take its toll at times on our employees and us. The skill of Mindfulness help sus improve ourselves in many different ways and has been proven to transform the culture of working environments.
Happier, healthier workforces are more positive, productive teams.
Employees at Google have stated Mindfulness at work has been life-changing.

Mindfulness Matters in the Workplace – Advanced Practitioner

Continuing from the foundational level talk, this keynote focuses on the science and deeper into the practices. 10mins a day has been proven to release stress for your employees, decrease attrition, and improve productivity (backed by Harvard Medical School). Scientifically proven to reduce stress and change brain structure to improve our focus, creativity, and logic to achieve abetter sense of wellbeing.

Gina is a Professional Speaker who focusses on Motivation and Education

home 5Gina is committed to giving her clients an experience at her speaking events, through the use of practical exercises. The sessions can be delivered face-to-face, or virtually.

Most of Gina’s clients are corporate organisations, as she can easily understand their needs and often tailor sessions to suit. Coming from a corporate background, she can draw upon her career experience to share success stories and challenges to inspire others. Gina has led teams globally of over 450 staff and managed combined budgets of £500m during her working career, so she has a wealth of content to share. To learn more about Gina, click here.

She loves to talk about many topics, but with a decade of experience under her belt, she is incredibly passionate about educating people how Mindfulness, and Meditation can help transform organisations and make for happier, healthier workforces. If you are interested in this topic, contact us today to discuss the Mindfulness Matters Keynote Experience.

A hot topic in today’s marketplace is Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace

Gina explains why it is critical organisations understand its importance. She can share real-life stories of inspiration, with her ethnic background, and a career working in heavily male dominated environments, such as IT, and Engineering. She has faced challenges she had to overcome but is grateful to have worked for leading UK organisations, who have supported her growth and background. This has allowed her to forge forward to achieve great things for the organisations she has worked for


Our Director has Featured in the press for her keynote speaking slot entitled ‘Becoming The Champion In Your Life’

This presentation focuses on taking ownership for one’s life and becoming the best version you can be. Our Director, Gina, has different levels of this presentation, adapted for the audience.